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Dude this is so cool I remember playing the Klonoa demo ages ago!!! You actually made an original character like you said you would. :D

I really like the direction you're taking the game. I saw you teased some new enemy types in the sandbox area and I'm interested to see them used in real levels.

My only real gripe was that in the first couple levels I was struggling because I didn't realize you can press jump to double jump with an enemy. I don't know if it was my fault or the tutorial's fault, but I was trying to make all those jumps by throwing an enemy down. Throwing them straight down kills your momentum, but throwing them backwards and down can make the jump (kind of like you're rocket-jumping in TF2). Things got far easier when I figured out how you're supposed to double jump. :P

The roller blades are super fun, obviously.


my complaint is that they optimize it to 36 bits