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Home Trip is a multiplayer online coop game (1-4 players) which is inspired by Overcooked, GTA and Zelda Breath of the Wild. Conquer every challenge and find all the gas pump!


You and your friends went on a roadtrip when suddenly a virus forces everyone to stay home. You must now hunt for food and look for gasoil while staying inside your vehicle.


Full bindable keyboard controls

Controller support


To submit your score, just share a screenshot of the game end screen in the comment section. We will update the leaderboard as often as possible.

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Silver Medal
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[WIN] Home Trip.zip 103 MB

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There is a glitch where you are stuck in the plunger gun it remains fully extended and you can't leave it and aiming reticle is black. Its a really cool game though!! Keep up the good work!! Idea maybe you could upgrade the caravan? with upgrades around the map?

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We are aware of the issues with the plunger gun, it will be fixed in the next update ;) (we are slower than expected). Having upgrades for the caravan is a good idea we will seriously consider it.

Thank you for your precious and generous feedback!

Thanks for replying! Looking forward for future updates! 


It doesn't seem to work on Macos  Catalina unfortunately


Thanks for the feedback. Unfortunaly we didn't have a Mac near us to test the version before the last release. We are working on an update, we will do our best to solve the issue.


Great, thanks for the feedback :)


It's really awesome !
I just tested it quickly but had a lot of fun, I'll definitely play it again some times 

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Thanks for playing our game!


There's a bug with the food, it gets smaller

Good Job It's very funny :D

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We are aware of this bug, (and many others) we are working on an update. It will come in a few days.

Thank you for playing our game! :D

EDIT: Bug solved on the first update


this is so cool!