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This is a non-profit fan game. Klonoa belongs to Bandai Namco

What is this game:

I wondered what a Klonoa game would look like if it has some Third Person Shooter gameplay and rocket jumps. So I opened Unreal Engine 4 for the first time and created this small prototype in two weeks.

Why Klonoa:

I always loved Klonoa with his Sonic-like design (it's like Tails cool brother) but with such a dynamic design, I thought his games was kind of slow and rigid. So I was thinking about a faster gameplay and it ended up like a mix of Klonoa and Quake (almost called the game Qulonoake).

What's next:

I know I'll disapoint a lot of people, but I'm not planning on contuining. I had an idea in mind and I just wanted  to see how it would play. But maybe Bandai Namco will see this, think it's good and send me a cease and desist letter before making their own Klonoa game...


  • Move: WASD (ZQSD also work)
  • Jump: Spacebar
  • Double jump: Spacebar while grabbing an enemy
  • Shoot: Left mouse click
  • Aim: Right mouse click
  • Go to last checkpoint: R


  • Made by Antoine "Taldius" Semblat
  • Character models come from The Models Resource
  • Environment elements come from Kenney asset bundles
  • Special thanks to Genroa for the UE4 expertise and code refactoring
  • And a big thank you to the Klonoa fans. Their enthusiasm motivated me to make something enjoyable and not just a dirty greybox prototype.

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
GenrePlatformer, Action, Adventure, Shooter
Made withBlender, Unreal Engine
Tags3D, Cute, Fangame, klonoa, Short, Singleplayer
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse, Xbox controller

Install instructions

Unzip the file and click on Klonoa.exe


Klonoa - The Dream Chapter.zip 132 MB
Source code 135 MB

Development log


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aww man so awesome to bring Klonoa back !!!

Great work, just made a Linux build with UE 4.27. Enjoy!

Klonoa - The Dream Chapter_linux_amd64.zip

this is awesome!! i hope you make more!

please add apple. i love sonic revert and i want to play more of your games but i can't because i only have an apple computer



Yo this is really fun. I agree it feels a tad slow but throwing bad guys is so fun I hardly noticed. The sound when you grab things is maybe a tad loud. Really I can only nitpick here... The momentum you get by grabbing and throwing guys feels cool and the combination of shooting and platforming is great fun.


My only complaints are that you forgot to make him say "Manya!" when he takes damage and didn't put in the flutter jump. You got the one when he dies, but not this one? Also, the whole game feels more like a Klonoa spinoff staring Golden Killer Guntz without the flutter jump

Starts at 12:14.

Made a video


only thing i can say is...



Can't believe you gave the source code!

If you need improvements to the animation, hit me up. I'm good at that stuff! ;)

Thank you, but for now, I'm thinking about making more levels if I have the time. But all the 3D models of Klonoa I found are in the game, so I don't think I'll need more animations. 


infuckingcredible dude! I hope you change your mind and continue.

Thank you! It's possible I make one or two more levels in the future, but all the 3D Klonoa models I found are on this demo ... So don't expect a full Klonoa game >.>

Great game! I highly suggest continuing it (it's 100% your choice.) , it's a fantastic and inspirational game! I'm actually trying to speedrun it!

Thank you! Actually I'm not really able to continue because there's all the Klonoa 3D model I found in this demo.

I'll maybe make 1 or 2 more levels but I won't be able to make a full Klonoa game, I'm not good enough at 3D modeling. >.>

Also feel free to share your time, I think mine was something like 6min30s.

It's all okay! My best time was 5 minutes and 26 seconds, and im trying to get below 5 minutes using all the speedrun tricks I know for this game. And I hope im not forcing you to do more stuff on the game, it's already fantastic. 


Just got this!


Wow nice! Hope to see more speedruns, I like to see people break my games :D


For sure! I've been trying to beat my record for 2 weeks, im still trying!

Definitely do amazing game

Only went through about one playthrough, but I really enjoyed what I ended up trying here. I definitely recommend at least fleshing out what you have into a differently titled game once more progress is put into it. 

Movement overall felt good, but not fantastic. Just a little slidey for my liking personally. I also felt like eventually you should try and implement a flutter jump as it might help in a 3D environment in the same way as the 2D game. It was super cute and I know it's just you slowly working on it so I can't expect crazy amounts of polish. I LOVED the rocket jump mechanic as I'm a huge fan of momentum in platformers.

I really, really liked it and I hope you keep working on stuff :) 

(Also you should totally add 20 more crystals to make the total a solid 100 (: ) 

Thank you for your feedback! I'll definitely think about using this basis to make a game without the Klonoa brand.

But it's not impossible I make some update from time to time, also the source code is available so it's not impossible someone else continue on this project.


What a great fan made game. Two us did complete the game just before you pushed out the update and did find the the jump mechanics a little difficult but we did the the game nonetheless and enjoyed it. When we reached the end we cheered loudly lol

*nb My son is still playing Klonoa on the Wii lol


ood Look


(1 edit) (+1)

Hello! This is Ryan Silberman from Twitter and runner of No Context Pac-Man.

The game was certainly interesting. I wouldn't have thought to envision Klonoa in 3D, and the attempt here does have its merits. The movement is good, and the level is surprisingly lengthy.

The big thing I wanted to note is that the way the mouse controls work isn't as simple as I think it should be. When turning a 2D property into 3D, one thing you really want to take care of is being able to make the transition without complicating what was once simple. 

While Klonoa does bounce off of enemies, I don't think the rocketjumping mechanics work nearly as well as simply pressing a button to pick up and pressing again to bounce off. This made parts where there are multiple enemies over a gap pretty difficult for me to clear.

Still, all things considered, not a bad effort by any means.

Thank you for your feedback! I had some friends telling me the same about the rocket jump mechanic so I did a quick update allowing you to just press jump again in the air while holding an enemy to double jump.


i like your reimaginations!


Fun but movement could be faster and smoother and shading could be better


Nice, this was pretty fun for something that was just a small experiment! It was a bit rough at first, but once I figured out how to control the momentum I found myself enjoying the game quite a bit. By the way, Klonoa games are usually more focused on a mix of puzzles and some very very precise platforming, which is why they basically require the movement speed not to be too high. Just felt a need to point that out seeing how you described them. 

Oh yes I totally agree that the Klonoa games are mostly based on puzzle. It's just that I have the impression that the character design doesn't really makes you think the game is about puzzle. But maybe that's juste me >.>


This game is surprisingly promising for a fanmade venture by one person and shows a lot of polish. Reading about how you love Klonoa because of his "Sonic-like" design though makes me physically ill. Being too much like Sonic is what killed the franchise to begin with. :(


Nice work. I've always been wondering what a 3D Klonoa game will look like and its possible mechanism, too. By the way, I don't think you will receive any letter from Bandai Namco in the foreseeable future. Because they seem not to care much about Klonoa, and your game is non-profit. *sigh*

Yeah I like to joke about Bandai Namco not knowing Klonoa exist and that they will buy the right for this game without knowing they own it xD