It's not dead

Hey guys!

First, thank you so much for the comments and the support, I really appreciate it, this goes right to my heart.

Just here to tell you the game is not dead, but I'm just a single person working on this on my free time and this past months I didn't have  much free time... sorry for that.

I've always been a Sonic fan and working on a Sonic game (even a fangame) was a child's dream, so I'm really attached to this project.

For the next update, I want the game to at least have sound design (I have a friend willing to do this for me, I suck at everything sound related), adding the second map I've been working on and, of course, correct the bugs.

Not sure if I'll go the seven maps (seven maps, seven emerald, got it?) because, well ... it takes a lot of time and I have other game projects I want to work on after this one (I have so much unfinished project lately, it's a real pain...).

Anyway, thanks again for everything, I can't tell you a date for the next update because ... I don't know myself, but I'm trying to allocate more time for this project.

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this is one of the best games ever made by one person. keep working on it and we will all give you support. : )

Oh you're still working on this?

Please release a new map, this game is really fun but the current one is a bit boring now

Not that I'm not still addicted

Hey Taldius are you fine if I try set up a spot on for this game

(the comments are getting a little heated about who got the best time)

Yes, go ahead! :)

No Problem man you made something great and can be proud of yourself for achieving this much, great work.

P.S Looking forward to the sounds I am currently just playing F-Zero tracks in the background if it starts to get dull spending  an hour to beat some guys record.

wow! a single person has made this! its an awesome game already and with some maps i think this can turn into something big