An online multiplayer Sonic fan game where Sonic R meets Trackmania!


Sonic belongs to SEGA, this is a non-profit fan game.

The game is meant to be played with an Xbox controller

The server can go up to 100 players at the same time.

About the game:

Sonic Revert is a reimagining of the Sonic gameplay but where Sonic is controlled like a car when he's in running mode.

The game features singleplayer time attack and online multiplayer racing mode.

Some of the classic Sonic mechanics have been modified, such as the homing attack.

The level design is inspired by Trackmania tracks, but filled with badniks, spikes and other dangers.

Why Sonic:

My first console was a Genesis / Megadrive with the first Sonic game. Since then I always followed the blue hedgehog adventure and played most of its game.

However, I was always convinced that Sonic would really work if it had car-like controls when running at full speed. So, one year ago, I started prototyping a little something to test if it would work and... it was great!

Since, I worked on my free time to create this small fan game.

What's next:

Well it has been a year since I started working on this, so right now I think I'll take a pause to make other (non Sonic) games.

I'll probably add levels from time to time as the goal was to make 7 levels (like the 7 emeralds).



Sonic Revert - Demo 53 MB
Press kit 88 MB

Development log


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this game is fun enough, but the camera is a bit messy and a run button really doesn't work with the character as he's really built to have more momentum based movement, and if you could add in manual maping (I can't use the switch pro controller because it's treated like an xbox gamepad) I feel like the game would really work well

who want play with me


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can we have a changeable camera please? I find the arrow controls a bit janky. 


(still waiting for a mac version :/ )

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Hello.I really liked your was not really fun(because of my low pc) but i am pretty sure it's really fun.Keep going.Thanks.


Salut :D

j'ai vu une video de ton fan-game sur youtube, puis je me suis promener sur twitter pour finir ici.

J'te raconte tout ca parce que je fais mes propres jeux en hobby et je voulais faire un sonic-like et je savais pas si je devais prendre une voie genre sonic engine et partir de la ou faire ma propre sauce.

Et après avoir essayé ton jeu, je pense c'est juste largement mieux de faire quelque chose à sa sauce C:

Beau boulot by the way :D


Merci beaucoup, ça fait plaisir d'entendre ça.
Je te souhaite bon courage pour ton Sonic-Like ! :D


Merci :D
J'ai un projet a finir avant viendra j’espère XD


You get softlocked on resolution options and any other option that can be changed by using left and right

Played this game before the update, and let me just say, the new update makes the main menu more clear, and spicy.

Thank you so much! I spent so much time on that menu xD

creative game and very fun! i realized after playing i had to click the button to start the game; it wasn't clear to me. that said i still thoroughly enjoyed my time in the tutorial sandbox. obviously needs some audio, but i'm glad to see that on the todo list. excellent work!


Actually I just released an update to the game with audio and a new level 2 days ago xD

But thank you for making the video!


yeah!! an update!!!

I would to try out your game, but going any farther than the Title screen either freezes the game or gives me this error:

Yeah sorry, the web version sometime doesn't want to load, I don't know why. I'm trying to fix this.

I love this game but I think marble zone should have more checkpoints it's quite brutal if you get hit

it wont load

macs for office workers

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You NEED to make a mac version!!!!!!

how do you exit from modes?

Hmmm you çan't >.> I'll add that to the next update. And I'll do a Mac version of too.



If Online Is Working Anybody Wanna Play With Me?

i will

I will play whith U

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I tried it with an xbox controller. really good

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Hey Taldius, If You Have The Time To Read This Heres My Review And Problems With The Game. My Review Is 10/10 But When You Try To Do The Homing Attack While Running On Computer You Cant Go Up...And There's Not Enough Stages, So Its Not That Interesting Unless You Implement Something Like Super Sonic Or Other Characters. But Oher Than That Great Job. Here's A Meme

the game sometimes crashes with uhh idk.

is it a new update thx taldius



cant load in-

in what

really fun

arrows don't work right, I press the forward arrow, i goes backward, fix the freakin' controls man


thats why it's called revert!


lol nope that's just a bug xD


OK? don't like it you cant stop running!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

press shift to stop

Super cool and good idea

Hi, amazing game! I really enjoyed the game mechanics and the playability, I think it has a lot of potential

Can I get in touch with the developer? Thanks in advice

Try posting inside the "its not dead" development log, i got a reply once there


lol, hi dude



can someone play with me


sure I will play. what time do want to play?

i will

I like the idea but the controls are confusing

just hold w and left and right and jump

really fun game, just wish there where more people playing

this is a amazing game its a demo so 9/10 exited for the full release

can you play with me


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cough cough



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bless you

you okay man?


This is the first game I have seen that tries to re-imagine Sonic as a physics game. That probably makes it closer to the original spirit of the game than anything SEGA have done.

I know this is not quite like your game design, you seem to be channeling f-zero and wipeout a bit, but I have always thought Sonic should be a sort of racing physics game with no set direction.

All the sonic 3d games rigidly stick to the same idea of a narrow straight line racecourse with hazards, rollercoaster tunnels and bottomless pits, because that is what the 2d games did, but I always thought they should have gone the opposite direction entirely, something like a blend of carmageddon, motocross madness and tony hawk's. The game world wouldn't be contrived to recreate the rules of an ancient 2d game, it would simply exist around you and your goal is to find the best line through it. 

I don't know if the technology or even the experience was there at the time to make that idea a reality.The actual game world would have had to have been immense, probably bigger than modern open world games. But 3d terrain engines existed back then. You could fit several hundred battlezone maps on a single CD, which would have been about big enough. At the time, these were actually quite fun just to fly around in, because the physics were really nice. The tricky part would be to stream them seamlessly. I suppose the closest paradigm would have been a flight sim engine, only for this one you would be (mostly) on ground level. So... a 'ground' sim engine? Imagine having a whole planet to run around!

I think all of the potential ingredients existed at the time, but was it a case of no one thought about doing it that way, or would it have been far too ambitious?

Sorry for the rambling, I was just trying to place myself in an alternate timeline where SEGA never crashed and burned and 3d Sonic games were actually fun to play...

yeah it was based off BlazeHedgehog's sonic reimagining Youtube video

Interesting video, I don't necessarily agree with all his points but definitely well thought out.

Sometimes I wonder if even SEGA ever truly understood what exactly was the secret sauce in those original games.

If I was going to do it I would literally take a hatchet to everything, throw out the rings, the loop de loops, the ramps, the running tubes, the bottomless pits, the checkpoints, the monitors, the springs, the act system and their end of level banners, the entire supporting cast of characters, literally everything except the main character and his nemesis... 

There's only really three essential ingredients that need to be in it to make it a Sonic game, the acrobatic speed, the psychedelic environments, and the killer robots.

Everything else is all just baggage. 

Like the guy mentioned in the video, taking out the boosters would actually force the developers to add to the core game play. It's a really simple but valid argument. 

If you take out the springs, then you'd have to create a game that can handle high speed twitch parkour in 3d, or how do you get to the top of those buildings. If you don't have ramps and loops and other cliches, you have to make a game where you can wall run and grind almost anywhere you like, and with that the player has actually gained abilities rather than lost them. Take out the pits, and you have to actually consider why Sonic shouldn't just run around at 700mph, maybe it actually hurts when he slams face first into something.

 Take out the rings and you have to give Sonic something else to compulsively collect, so what if it becomes a game where you have to pretty much constantly fill up on donuts and hot dogs in order to keep that insane metabolic rate going. You race through every area jumping from street food cart to ice cream stand clearing out whatever isn't nailed down, but it's kind of not stealing... its... er... requisitioning, because you need that energy to fight the real bad guy :)

Then the progression. Throw out the act 1/2/Boss formula and just make it open ended. It starts with Eggman taking over the world. He has giant robots and animal enslavement factories and chemical plants scattered around everywhere. You know the drill. Go whatever direction you want, head straight to the endgame if you feel like it, or go around the world undermining his power and collecting stuff that makes you stronger. Maybe one way gives you the best ending but is incredibly challenging, maybe the way where you bide your time gives you an easier endgame but a least decisive victory... but there is actually something to think about while you are playing, rather than just "hold forward.... now jump"

And then of course the best thing about throwing out all the other characters, the developers wouldn't be able to use them to control the story narrative, and it could unfold before the player much like Half Life rather than being narrated by insipid cutscenes... maybe Tails could get one token line where he says something like "Oh no sonic, Dr Eggman is back and he's destroying everything with his robots" and Sonic says 'Yeah no shit dude, I have eyes you know". Then he gets abducted and is never seen again, and Sonic is like 'Noooooooo! that's the last thing I ever said to him' and becomes all broken and broody like Max Payne.

 Every contrived feature you remove from Sonic forces you to replace it with something more sophisticated and interesting to get the same effect. You just have to kill the whole damn series with fire before you can really rethink it :)

I agree!

yeah but remember sonic xtreme for the saturn  or Sonic The Hedgehog Extreme for the xbox and many more canceled sonic games 

That was fun.  I'd like to play this again.


A Sonic fan game playable in the browser?  This should be good.

reminds me of lost world

my best is 52; 937

The best time is held by Sred on youtube: 52.375 sec on the 13.03.2020

Aghh you had to beat meeee

Good job anyway, I'll be trying to beat that

Okay so how do you make the jump from the swirl part into the beginning to the part right before the boost section? I can't make that jump without using his aim attack.

Is this you're score by the way?

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We have a problem here.



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