A racing/platform Sonic fan game which takes inspiration from Sonic R, Trackmania and Mario Kart, currently in development.

At first, this prototype was just me trying to see what it would be like if Sonic played like a car when he runs fast.

There can only be 20 concurrent players on the server.

Controls are better with a Xbox controller. (I have a hard time making the controls easy for keyboard/mouse, sorry for the incovenience)

ControlsKeyboardXbox controller
Move (normal mode)ArrowsLeft joystick
Reset position (both modes)
Jump (both modes)
Jump attack (both modes)Space (hold)(hold)
Aim (jump attack mode)
ArrowsLeft joystick
Attack (jump attack mode)
Space (release)
A (release)
Accelerate (triggers run mode)
Drift (run mode)
Turn (run mode)
Left joystick


Prototype v0.12.0.zip 33 MB


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i love i

Great game to play with a controller, can't wait to see what's coming in the future. More tracks hopefully? And I think a split screen local multiplayer would be nice, so you can race friends. Although, there's a bug where after you've gone into run mode and you go back into normal mode, the forward and backward movement controls are inverted. Also, keep the dynamic camera, but it would be awesome if the right joystick could move the camera around, so its easier and faster to see where you are. Sorry for the long comment, just got a lot of ideas. awesome work!

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I couldn't play it because it wouldn't load :( But sounds cool nonetheless

Oh sorry to ear that, maybe try with Mozilla Firefox, I heard it works better. Otherwise you can still download the windows .exe :)

Ok then

Nice improvement! I like the new map!

Thank you! :D

Like the graphics, no visible bugs, however the controls are rather tricky. Normal mode's dynamic camera leaves me all turned around and makes it hard to go to specific places. Run mode is very hard to steer and the track design certainly doesn't accommodate that.

Good! The graphics look decent, it runs well, and the controls feel good. If the walking could be faster, it would be preferred. The track design if you choose to turn this into a full game maybe could be different. Possibly wider with walls on the side, multiple characters and visual feedback for your actions

Thank you for your feedbacks. I'm still experimenting with the character movements and level design for now, so I take notes of everything you say in order to improve it.

From the video, it certainly looks good! Definitely trying this one out!