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also Im salmon so try to beat that rcms


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url for proof 



Beat this

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*** MY NEW RECORD (00:53:987)***

Unfortunately, I can't capture video footage. but I truly managed to get the current new record. Here it is :

good job but im afraid that high score won't last long


You're lucky I keep my promises mate.

But I send my apologies anyway.

Yeah sorry my g

My friend and I played this for quite a few hours on a chill Saturday. Very much a surprise! Great idea and execution for what it is. Loved finding shortcuts and then shaving time off our PBs. We've managed 59secs in the end. Thanks for the game - Can't wait for more.

This is Salmon tanver

one less than high score beat that suckers

check url for proof

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the current record is at 53.8 seconds

oh i thought it was 55 but ok

I already passed that time stupid

i never said i beat that score dumbass

Imagine getting 55 


also the controls become inverted when you start a race, on both keyboard and controller

controls are a bit janky, but otherwise its a good game!

Game's really nice, controls are a bit of a problemo, and for some reason my left and right is inverted, but otherwise pretty fine. It'll probably be more refined at the end.



This game is actually pretty nice to play with, The controls seem nice and responsive, The "homing attack" makes it more skill then spamming A and also makes it nice to dash back up if you fall off the track, Although the swapping between walking and driving controls is a little annoying but this is actually pretty fun, Nice job


i beat the world record (twice)


Deleted 328 days ago

*Ahem Ahem*




waste of time 


New record,

Really fun game!

Had tons of fun playing this with my friend, hopefully it keeps getting worked on or just adds some more stages cause this could be the next Sonic R but better


*talks in rat*



Its a nice game but their is still some room for camera movements  :)

The walking directions are relative to the world not the character/camera


Are you still working on this?

Please tell me you're still working on this.

I agree. I’ll be jumping for joy if another level comes out

good game buddy!

I am speed.



this game is flawless although when you start a race the walking controls become inverted

The walking controls are reversed.

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I know gamepads work great, but I think it would be better if the keyboard/mouse controls were up to that standard, too, as it would improve the accessibility factor.

BTW, I noticed two strange things when trying to play with keyboard/mouse...

  1. The game could only handle two inputs at a time. This made it harder for me to get a handle on the controls.
  2. I found a glitch where, after a certain point, the arrow key inputs would become inverted. I'm not sure what caused it, but when it happened, the game became unplayable for me and I had to stop.

Overall, though, I'd say it looks to be a very promising rethinking of Sonic's controls. It just needs a little bit of touching up, that's all.


this is how sonic should play in 3d

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Now that I have played around enough

- BUGS / Features: -

- Using the drift on a boost pad allow you to displace your movement direction
(to see yourself go onto a boost pad while holding drift and left or right)

- The springs are are actually the only real bug I could find

1st - tapping on the first couple frames of being launched by a (grounded) spring will cancel you Y velocity

2nd - tapping on the first couple frames/landing frame when being launched at a wall will cancel your run(you will just stand on the wall for a moment and then fall down)

(To see for yourself
for the 1st: on the first grounded spring just mash left or right it should happen
4-6 out 10 

for the 2nd: on any spring that launches you at a wall press left or right on the first frames of launch or landing (you will simply stand in place on the wall and then fall).

EDIT: 3rd the second to last springs (a pair of two springs with a row of spikes in bettwen) is weird, sometimes it will stop you and othertimes it will work just fine.


I discovered this game 4 days ago and have been addicted to it ever since I’ve managed to get 59:408 but holy shit was I blown away by your time before I got this score I was questioning if sub 1:00 was even possible and you absolutely crushed it. Any tips?

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Here you go, I even got a new best time:

(12 edits)

Another Edit: 00:54:673

(Dear Taldius, Should you not want me to have this video up just send me reply and I will do so as soon as possible)


I got 1:06

EDIT: 1:03.943

EDITEDIT: 00:59:073
I finally got Sub 1 min thanks to a new strat I discovered that potentially save up to min. 5 seconds (if executed perfectly) compared to my other strat.
(the strat is drifting in the middle column of the 3x3 booster pads while holding right, it will cause you to slide of the left side of the track and you will fall near the spring leading to the final section the final section,
it is somewhat consistent once you get the hang of how drifting interacts with the boost pads)

EDITEDITEDIT: New Best :00:57:518
got reached that min 5 seconds time safe


EDITEDITEDITEDITEDIT: near perfect run 00:55:904

EDITEDITEDITEDITEDITEDIT: Some more optimisation 00:54:673
new strategys involve:
- using the homing attack to get a faster initial speed.
- holding shift on upon touching the boostpad until leaving the ramp seems to reduce speed less than running normaly.
- cutting the corners in the last section also reduces time.

P.S pls don't make the checkpoints mandatory to traverse trough
having the complete freedom to reach the goal however wanted is so cool


Holy crap dude good job

My main tip is to keep airtime as low as possible and make as little use of the homing attack as possible, in the section where I use the boost pads to basicly skip a section it is quite hard to get consistent result(you can make it to the springs in one leap in the optimum case) i actually just lucked out on being able to quickly land on the platform and reach the springs, so it is just trial and error for that.

But in the end you just have to pray that the springs in the last section don‘t mess you up by canceling all of your momentum.(i mean the set of two with the row of spikes in between before the video cut).

I wish you good luck with trying to beat my time and fun with the game.


Sorry but...

Yo this is so fun!! Me and my friends played for like 2 hours tryin to get the best time ( 1.22)


Anyone Wanna Race?

i love i


Great game to play with a controller, can't wait to see what's coming in the future. More tracks hopefully? And I think a split screen local multiplayer would be nice, so you can race friends. Although, there's a bug where after you've gone into run mode and you go back into normal mode, the forward and backward movement controls are inverted. Also, keep the dynamic camera, but it would be awesome if the right joystick could move the camera around, so its easier and faster to see where you are. Sorry for the long comment, just got a lot of ideas. awesome work!

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I couldn't play it because it wouldn't load :( But sounds cool nonetheless

Oh sorry to ear that, maybe try with Mozilla Firefox, I heard it works better. Otherwise you can still download the windows .exe :)

Ok then

Nice improvement! I like the new map!

Thank you! :D

Do you plan on still updating the Game?

Like the graphics, no visible bugs, however the controls are rather tricky. Normal mode's dynamic camera leaves me all turned around and makes it hard to go to specific places. Run mode is very hard to steer and the track design certainly doesn't accommodate that.

Good! The graphics look decent, it runs well, and the controls feel good. If the walking could be faster, it would be preferred. The track design if you choose to turn this into a full game maybe could be different. Possibly wider with walls on the side, multiple characters and visual feedback for your actions

Thank you for your feedbacks. I'm still experimenting with the character movements and level design for now, so I take notes of everything you say in order to improve it.

From the video, it certainly looks good! Definitely trying this one out!

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