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that its very good

holy [REDACTED] this loading screen's lon

mou jogo

Go android

This game is great! But I wish there could be more characters and levels (maybe add silver?)


i like this but you need to fix the spring in coneno night at the start or you can just fix all of them in general but it a good game 


This Is AMAZING!!!

please update the Mac version to be compatible with Montery instead of OSX considering that Montery is what most people have now.

Would love to have a custom user-created levels feature in this. <3

Cool deserve more people!

and make sonic or shadow have quickstep

hey can you make the game can be fullscreen

anyone up to play



Anyone want to play



what is the world record for time city? Just curious


idk but mine is  01:39:913

as tails


as knuckles I have below 00:20



not hipno



Do you wanna play


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can't get full screen but it is a good game :)

on computer btw

hey person I was just playing with (I was knuckles you were shadow) sorry for making you rage quit.

This game is amazing!

Yo I can't get the game to control correctly with my ps5 controller. I even got X360CE and it doesn't work. Any tips how I can play this game with a controller?

Je trouve le jeu super cool et la physique est bien faite mais la cam est horrible

Creator. I have question: can you try making android port? Im full of Android.

I promoted the game on my site.

Why does sonic look so adorable in this game

Anybody wanna play?


I've just played this for 13 minutes and I love everything ! The physics are awesome! It takes a bit to get used to the controls but it's great!

Man thank you for this master piece, I'm having fun like a 10 year old kid. This is just fcking great, hope you keep working on this. <3

Thanks for everything you have ever done, i've been playing for an hour lmao <3<3<3

I know the web version is very unstable, but try to fix the spring bounce, I sometimes get flung to the left side of the spring, regardless of speed.

Nice game but LAG

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the fullscreen doesnt work (at least on computer)


how do i change settings?

sonic is dead


So... how do i change settings?


If you go through a portal in time city while running on a wall it unsticks you



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